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GSA Weapon Storage.com -
Weapon Storage Solutions for US Military, & Federal Government Law Enforcement Agencies

Combat Weapon Storage Systems are manufactured and distributed exclusively by Vital Valt, a global provider of fully modular high density weapon storage systems to military and federal government agencies as well as state and local law enforcement agencies. Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ have the versatility to store small arms and large weapon systems within the same system. Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ are available in fully welded locking cabinet solutions or Ready To Go Combat Shelving solutions. All accessories for Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ are interchangeable with other Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ using our fully slotted back panel system.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ will meet the storage requirements for the most robust military armories with configurations available for all weapons systems including rifles, crew serves, machine guns, pistols, mortars, mounts and tripods. Our universally adjustable rack components allow end users to reconfigure systems in seconds and store weapons with scopes and optics attached to the weapon.

Our fully welded cabinets meet & exceed US DOD physical security regulations including, DOD 5100.76-M, MCO 5530.14A, OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements and stowage of small arms & are also TACOM certified. Combat Weapon Storage Systems are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 manufactured, offering the highest quality manufacturing standards in the industry.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation site survey to go over your storage requirements. Our expert system designers are standing by to help implement the most efficient, space effective armory design available.

RFID Tracking solutions for weapons, optics, magazines, radios, tripods and other gear via now available.

All products and services are available on GSA Schedule to the US Federal Government applications and through the Defense Logistics Agency National Stock Number program and GCSS-Army. Contact us today for an NSN Weapon Rack quote.

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Combat High Density Weapon Racks available in single tier or full height racks for small arms, light duty machine guns and crew-served weapons.

Combat Weapon Shelving Systems
Weapon Shelving Systems
Combat Weapon Shelving configured to store virtually any size rifle, light, medium & heavy machine guns.

Combat Armory Workbenches
Combat Armory Workbench
Workbench designed for rugged use within armories for work on weapons with Tactical Weapons Vise.

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