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Weapon Systems supported by Combat Weapon Storage Systems™

Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ will meet the storage requirements for your weapons systems including Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Mortars and Pistols. Our individually adjustable rack accessories allow armorers to reconfigure systems when weapon density lists change. Weapons can be stored with scopes and optics attached to the weapon.

Below is a list of the most common weapon systems we see in the field and store in our Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ with rack configurations showing racks configured with live weapons and National Stock Numbers for weapon racks for each associated weapon system.


M-16 Weapon Racks
M-4 Weapon Racks
M-4s, includes SOPMOD M-4s
MK-16 SCAR Weapon Racks
MK-16 SCARs, MK-17 SCARs
CombatMP-5 Weapon Racks
Shotgun Weapon Racks
Shotguns (includes all varieties)
M1014 Shotgun Weapon Racks
M1014 Shotguns
HK416 Weapon Racks
HK 416
MK-18 Weapon Racks
M-14 Weapon Racks
M-1 Weapon Racks


Sniper Rifles
M-110 Weapon Racks
M-110 Sniper Rifle
M-24 Weapon Racks
M-24 Sniper Rifles
M-40 Weapon Racks
M-40 Sniper Rifles
M-60 Weapon Racks
M-60 Sniper Rifles
M-107 Weapon Racks
M-107 Sniper Rifles (formerly M-82s)
MK-12 SPR Weapon Racks


Machine Guns
M-2 .50 cal Weapon Racks
M-2 .50 cal with spare barrels
MK-19 Weapon Racks
MK-19 & MK-47s
M-240 Weapon Racks
M-240, includes all versions
M-249 SAW weapon Racks
M-249 SAW, including the M-249-L
GAU-17 Weapon Racks
GAU-17 Miniguns


M-9 Weapon Racks
M-9 pistols, includes all pistols

M-1911 pistols
Sig P226 Pistols
Sig P226


Mortar Systems
M-224 Mortar Weapon Racks
M-224 Mortar
M-252 Mortar Weapon Racks
M-252 Mortar


NVGs, NODs, Bayonets, Accessories
NVG & NOD Storage Weapon Racks
Ka-Bar Weapon Racks
Bayonet Weapon Racks


Combat High Density Weapon Rack
Weapons Rack, GSA Weapons Rack, Weapons Storage, Weapon Storage
Combat High Density Weapon Racks configured as single or double tiered for small arms, light duty machine guns and crew-served weapons.

Combat Weapons Shelving Systems
Weapon Shelving Systems

Combat Weapon Shelving configured to store virtually any size rifle, light, medium & heavy action machine guns.


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