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M16 Rifle Racks

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M16 Weapon Storage - M16 Weapon Racks - M16 Gun Racks - M16 Rack NSN

M16s have long been the standard rifle for the US military. Utilizing our modular fully slotted back panel system, storage of M16s in Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ is accomplished is accomplished with standard universal weapon rack accessories for efficient M-16 storage. This allows for M4s to be stored side by side with M-16s with the stock collapsed or extended without being locked into a specific height setting to support the barrel.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ will meet the storage requirements for all versions of M16 rifles including storage of all accessories attached to the M16 including optics, scopes, M203 grenade launcher and more.

Our fully welded cabinets meet & exceed US DOD physical security regulations including, OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements and stowage of small arms & are also TACOM certified. Combat Weapon Storage Systems are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 manufactured, offering the highest quality manufacturing standards in the industry.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ are available as stand-alone fixed storage systems or as high density storage systems mounted to moveable carriages for a compact shelving system. Our background as storage system experts allow our system designers to implement the most efficient, space effective armory design available.

All products and services are available on GSA Schedule to the US Federal Government applications & through DLA with National Stock Numbers

M16 Rack National Stock Number
CWR1 - Stores 24 M16s & 24 M9s. 85" H x 36" W x 15" D. 9 point locking system
1095-01-612-1502 CWR2 - Stores 24 M16s & 24 M9s. 85" H x 36" W x 15" D. 10 point locking system
1095-01-612-1512 CWR3 - Stores 28 M16s & 28 M9s. 85" H x 42" W x 15" D. 9 point locking system
1095-01-612-1518 CWR4 - Stores 28 M16s & 28 M9s. 85" H x 42" W x 15" D. 10 point locking system
1095-01-612-1525 CWR5 - Stores 12 M16s & 12 M4s. 76" H x 36" W x 15" D. 9 point locking system
1095-01-612-1531 CWR6 - Stores 12 M16s & 12 M4s. 76" H x 36" W x 15" D. 10 point locking system
1095-01-612-1533 CWR7 - Stores 12 M16s & 12 M9s. 44" H x 36" W x 15" D on caster base with transport handles. Caster base adds 6" to rack.
1095-01-620-5234 CWR40 - Stores 12 M16s. 44" H x 36" W x 15" D 9 point locking system
1095-01-620-5600 CWR41 - Stores 14 M16s. 44" H x 42" W x 15" D 9 point locking system
1095-01-620-5766 CWR48 - Stores 40 M16s. 85" H x 36" W x 15" D 9 point locking system


M16 Weapon Rack
24 M16s stored in Combat Weapon Rack
M16s stored in Combat Weapon Shelving

United States Marine firing an M16A4 with ACOG attachment. M16A4 with ACOG attachment will fit in a Combat Weapons Rack without removing the scope on the M16.

United States Army firing an M16A2 in a training excercise. M16A2 stored in a Combat Weapons Rack meet Army AR190-11 small arms storage requirements.

M16 Weapon System
M16 Rifle Rack, M16 Gun Rack, M16 Weapon Rack, M16 Weapons Rack, GSA Weapons Rack, GSA Weapons Storage, GSA Mobile Weapon Storage

Combat Weapon Racks store M16A2, M16A3 & M16A4 rifles meeting DoD security requirements for smalls arms storage.

Combat Weapon Rack
Combat Weapon Rack storing M16 rifles
Combat Weapon Racks store 24 M16s vertically and laterally allowing for fast and efficient inventories.

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